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Posted March 6, 2017

Coleman Talley Sponsored the Lowndes Associated Ministries to People (LAMP) Campaign

Coleman Talley was a sponsor of the Lowndes Associated Ministries to People's (LAMP) annual Changing Lives Campaign Fundraiser Dinner. The event was held on March 2nd at Valdosta State University. The annual campaign dinner is one of LAMP’s largest fundraisers. LAMP is a local mission for the homeless in Lowndes County, Georgia. In 2015, the organization housed 259 women & children and 77 men in the emergency shelter. In addition, they housed 106 women & children through the transitional housing program, placed 185 individuals into permanent housing, served over 50,000 meals to the homeless and provided over 15,000 services to the homeless such as life skills classes, computer lab for job searches, transportation to and from job interviews and work, and helping the homeless obtain proper identification.

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