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Posted May 6, 2016

Coleman Talley Hosted a Live Webinar on the Topic of “Analysis of and Recommendation for HUD Guidance on Criminal Background Checks”, with Partner, Lisa Wannamaker

Partner Lisa Wannamaker offered recommendations to housing management professionals on recent HUD Guidance regarding Criminal Background Checks. The HUD Guidance, released on April 4, 2016, addresses housing providers’ use of criminal background screening of rental applicants. Lisa discussed how a disparate impact analysis changes the way HUD investigates and a housing provider defends a fair housing complaint. She also offered examples of discrimination and best practices. Lisa acts as outside general counsel for residential property management companies, advising them on corporate and employment law issues, as well as landlord/tenant and fair housing matters. She also provides training and seminars to clients on employment, landlord/tenant, and fair housing topics and has served as a panelist and speaker at industry meetings. If you have questions or need assistance with how HUD guidance applies to your organization, please contact a member of Coleman Talley's affordable housing team.

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