Property Tax and Appeals

In the realm of state and local governance, numerous avenues are employed to generate revenue. Among these, ad valorem taxes stand as a substantial source of income for various governmental entities. These property taxes are intrinsically linked to the value of real estate and personal property and are commonly recognized as ad valorem taxes.

Within many states, counties wield considerable authority not only to levy taxes on real property owners but also to influence the quantum of these taxes through the determination of property values. However, the assessed value assigned by the county may not consistently align with the actual value of real property, resulting in potential overpayment.

At Coleman Talley LLP, we are committed to safeguarding your rights as a property owner and assisting you in mitigating your tax obligations to county and city governments. Our seasoned attorneys are well-versed in the strategies requisite for contesting erroneous property value assessments and are equipped to aid you in reducing the taxable value of your property.

Our Services include:

  • Property Assessment Review: We thoroughly review property assessments to identify discrepancies and opportunities for reducing taxable property values.
  • Assessment Dispute Resolution: We specialize in resolving assessment disputes through negotiation and litigation, advocating for accurate property valuations.
  • Property Tax Appeal Representation: Our attorneys provide representation in property tax appeals, ensuring your case is effectively presented to reduce tax liabilities.
  • Tax Planning and Strategy: Our team develops proactive tax strategies to minimize property tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with state and local tax laws.
  • Tax Exemption Assistance: We assist clients in navigating tax exemption processes, helping them understand eligibility and secure appropriate exemptions.
  • Tax Payment Negotiations: Our attorneys negotiate favorable tax payment terms and arrangements on behalf of property owners.
  • Governmental Relations: We maintain strong relationships with government entities, facilitating communication and cooperation in property tax matters.
  • Multi-Property Portfolio Management: We manage property tax appeals for clients with extensive real estate portfolios, ensuring efficient and cost-effective representation.


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