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Posted January 16, 2017

Coleman Talley Obtains Defense Verdict For Emergency Medicine Physician

Plaintiff was presented to the Emergency department with a complaint of a small laceration on the bottom of his right foot. Defendant M.D. promptly examined and evaluated Plaintiff in the emergency department, at which time Plaintiff presented no clinical signs of infection. Defendant M.D. diagnosed Plaintiff’s small laceration as a non-infected diabetic skin ulcer and instructed Plaintiff to, among other things, seek follow-up podiatric care within a specified timeline. Defendant M.D. also instructed Plaintiff to monitor his condition and promptly return to the emergency department or seek follow-up care should his condition worsen in the interim. The Plaintiff subsequently developed an infection in his right foot, which ultimately resulted in partial amputation.

The jury verdict returned for Defendant M.D. Defendant M.D. was represented by Partners Gregory T. Talley and Beau Howell of Coleman Talley LLP.

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