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Posted February 1, 2017

Coleman Talley Obtains Defense Verdict for Family Practice Physician

Plaintiff was presented to the hospital emergency department after having “passed out” while at work. Plaintiff was evaluated and treated by the emergency medicine physician, who ordered Plaintiff undergo “cardiac work-up,” among other things. After evaluating and treating Plaintiff, the emergency room physician determined Plaintiff was not suffering an acute cardiac event or heart attack and spoke with Defendant M.D., who ultimately admitted Plaintiff to the hospital for further observation.

Defendant M.D. evaluated Plaintiff in the hospital. The Plaintiff’s complaints had resolved and was exhibiting no clinical signs of distress. Multiple EKGs and serial cardiac enzymes confirmed Plaintiff was not suffering an acute cardiac event or heart attack. Nevertheless, Defendant M.D. contacted a local cardiologist to discuss Plaintiff’s condition and referral for future care. Defendant M.D. ordered Plaintiff be monitored continuously overnight and then transferred to a larger facility the next morning to undergo further cardiac evaluation. Unfortunately, Plaintiff later decompensated, and efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

The jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendant M.D., represented by Partners Gregory T. Talley and Beau Howell of Coleman Talley.

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