Mary Margaret Williams, partner at Coleman Talley LLP, had the honor of speaking at Valwood Private School’s Career Day in Valdosta, Georgia. As an experienced attorney, she provided valuable insights into the legal profession to the inquisitive students.

During her presentation, Mary Margaret Williams discussed the various responsibilities and daily activities of attorneys. She emphasized the importance of strong communication skills, attention to detail, and analytical thinking for success in the legal field.

The students actively participated, posing thoughtful questions about the life of a lawyer. Mary Margaret enjoyed sharing her experiences and advice with the engaged young minds.

At Coleman Talley LLP, nurturing and inspiring the next generation of legal professionals is a priority. Participating in career education events allows the firm to connect with students, provide guidance, and showcase the fulfilling nature of a career in law.

Coleman Talley extends its gratitude to Valwood Private School for the opportunity to engage with their students and contribute to their career exploration journey. Investing in youth today sets the stage for a brighter legal landscape tomorrow.