Jacksonville, FL – In a vibrant celebration of the legal profession, Coleman Talley LLP attorneys Roquelle G. Bradford, Hannah Anderson, and Haley Yackee, Esq., recently attended the Edward & Ragatz Law Day Gala. The event, held in the enchanting garden of the esteemed Epping Forest Yacht Club, embraced a captivating Havana nights theme. Not only did it provide a splendid evening for all attendees, but it also served as an opportunity for the attorneys to connect with their peers and extend their support to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA).

Law Day is an annual occasion that recognizes the importance of the legal system and its role in upholding justice. This year’s Law Day Gala was an extraordinary affair that brought together legal professionals from various fields, enabling them to forge meaningful connections and foster camaraderie. The event showcased the talent and dedication of attorneys like Roquelle G. Bradford, Esq., Hannah Anderson, and Haley Yackee, Esq., from Coleman Talley LLP.

The Havana nights theme transported guests to the exotic ambiance of Cuba, immersing them in the island’s rich culture. The picturesque garden of the Epping Forest Yacht Club provided an ideal setting for the festivities, enhancing the magic of the evening. Dressed in vibrant colors and elegant attire, the attendees enjoyed live music, exquisite cuisine, and delightful cocktails, all while savoring the company of their colleagues and friends.

For the attorneys of Coleman Talley LLP, the Law Day Gala was not only a joyous occasion but also an opportunity to show their commitment to supporting the local community. By attending the event, they demonstrated their solidarity with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA), an organization dedicated to providing vital legal assistance to those in need. The attorneys took pride in contributing to JALA’s mission and making a difference in the lives of individuals who require legal aid.

Reflecting on the event, Roquelle G. Bradford, Esq., remarked, “The Law Day Gala was an incredible experience. It was heartwarming to see so many legal professionals come together to celebrate our noble profession and support a worthy cause like JALA. Our team at Coleman Talley LLP is honored to have been a part of this remarkable evening.”

Hannah Anderson added, “The Havana nights theme created a lively atmosphere that perfectly complemented the camaraderie among legal professionals. It was a pleasure to network with our colleagues and build new connections. The event served as a testament to the incredible talent and dedication within the local legal community.”

Haley Yackee, Esq., concluded, “We are grateful for the opportunity to support Jacksonville Area Legal Aid through the Law Day Gala. The work they do is invaluable, and we are proud to stand alongside them in their mission to ensure access to justice for all.”

As the Law Day Gala came to a close, the attorneys of Coleman Talley LLP left with cherished memories and a renewed sense of purpose. Their participation in the event highlighted their commitment to excellence, their dedication to their profession, and their unwavering support for organizations like JALA that strive to make a positive impact in their community.